About Us


Kelly Barker

So where do I start? I have had an interest in photography since I was 4 years old working with film and chemicals in a dark room. Fast forward many years and a career spanning 18 years in the industry and I’m still in love with the production of a moment in time. For those 18 years I have been a member of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP). Every year the AIPP hold state and national professional photography awards. Through entering the awards and doing well, I have gained my Masters with 2 gold bars. Accolades aside, my biggest achievement in my life is my family. My husband and my 2 beautiful children. We have love, laughter, tears and support and so much more, all under the one roof. My ‘why’ was always my passion for an industry I simply love, But as my children came along, my ‘why’ has grown to include my family. Typically I was known as quite a Tom-boy whilst growing up, and things haven’t changed too much. An Aussie ‘girl-next-door’, I am most comfortable in jeans and a T with very little make-up. I love my home studio as it allows me to still be available for my family and for the most part, I am a home body and introvert. All in all, I feel I am so incredibly lucky to have found my passion in life and be able to do it every day.